We did and still do offer this service. However we really have not sold anything. So it may be discontinued. One thing that we are successful at is explaining and finding for you the best way to sell your items. So if you have an item that we feel warrants our time, we will help you find the right method and place for selling that item. Depending on the item our fees for this service are generally only a couple of percent and often we get that from the seller, hence it costs you nothing.

 If you are really interested in our brokerage service then we are willing to try again on your behalf. This is a brokerage service as we are not a store!!! We are not a store nor do we have a warehouse, hence we do not buy antiques nor fine art.

  If a client has had an item appraised by us, and if we feel that item is of sufficient value, and possesses sufficient market demand, we will be willing to facilitate the sale of that item. The item will be shown both here and on the Art Price website: www.artprice.com.

  Our client (the owner of the item) will remain in possession of that item. We will just see if we can find the right discerning collector wanting to buy that item. If we do find such a buyer, and it is determined that the buyer is willing to pay for the item upon insperction. Inspection meaning that it is as we describe the item to b, meaning we will offer the buyer the right to check out the item at our client's place. Upon final inspection, we expect that the buyer will buy the item. Once the seller/client receives payment, then we will collect a percentage commission from our client.

 This is simply another service for our clients, that limits the number of people coming to look at items. Moreover, it prevents those shoppers who simply want to make a low-ball from showing up at your residence. Furthermore, our experience provides the buyer with the confidence that the item is as described.

  Our fees are: 20% of any value between $0- $1,000
                       15% of any value between $1,000-$5,000
                       10% of any value above $5,000

  The buyer pays no premium!!! The seller only pays when the item is sold.

   We do require an agreement to have the exclusive right to try and sell the item over a minimal of 3 month period at an agreed price.


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