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On-line Evaluations for Fine Art and /or Antiques
Our Online Evaluation Service
  You may only have a few items of interest, and are interested in their estimated value. For such a situation, we now offer on-line evaluations. Please state whether you want the market value, or the replacement value, as well as the purpose of the appraisal, whether it be for selling, divorce, estate or insurance.
   COST:  $20/item or $55/ (3 items) or $70/(4 items).
  If you have a set of two or three non-identical items then the cost is:
                         $25 for the set.
  If the set has four to six non-identical items then the cost is:
                          $30 for the set.
   If you want both the market and replacement value, then please add $5.00/item.
   PLUS any applicable taxes.
 You must understand that the on-line evaluation is not an actual official appraisal. Rather they are simply estimated values, designed to provide you with some insight into your item. They will not be signed and will have on-line appraisal written on them. So they are not legal documents that can used in court. The reason being is that for us to sign off and be willing to stand up in court, then we must physically inspect the items in question.
 There are numerous reasons why an official legal appraisal should not be given online: When something is valuable, then there are unscrupulous folks who create and misrepresent forgeries. Furthermore, at various times it was fashionable to recreate antiques, such as the revival period in the late 19th century when Georgian and earlier pieces were copied. Moreover some styles stand the test of time and are still manufactured today, such as the Regency style (circa 1820), as well as many of the late 18th century styles such as the Chippendale, Hepplewhite and Sheraton styles. Since discriminating between original and reproduction is often nearly impossible, especially when viewing pictures, this explains why we do not give official appraisals unless we can actually scrutinize the item in person. In such cases we may say: If it is an original then it is worth this much and if it is a copy then it is worth this much. And finally, we have the issue of condition. An actual appraisal will take the item's condition into account, which may or may not be probably described by you, the client.
 Note: All on-line appraisals are our expert opinion. It is, based, in part upon your photograph and the detailing information provided by you the customer. So please be precise. If we have no expertise concerning the items, then we will inform you of this fact at no cost to you.
  In order to expediate the process of online appraisals, will you now click on "Helpful Insights/Hints" in order to determine what we need to know in order to perform the online evaluation (online appraisal) of your antique and/or collectible.
PLEASE AS A RULE: Do not send us pictures that are too large. Our preference is for 2 megabits or less. If necessary for the sake of detail then send us larger one, or preferable a closeup of the necessary details at a lower data size.
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