Expected costs for consultation

 We charge $110 Canadian per hour for our time on location (Weekdays starting at location from 9:30-3:00). All other weekday times we charge: $135/hour. Weekends: We charge $150/hr (assuming that we are available and willing to work that particular weekend).  Plus applicable taxes.

 Understandably, the exact cost on a per item basis does vary, depending upon the item. In general, if we are consulting numerous items (i.e. fifty) the approximate costs breaks down to be 15 to 20 items per hour. If you only have a few items (i.e. one through three) you will be charged an hour minimum, in which case you may prefer to choose our on-line estimation service (see services). Note the rate of consultation is a bit more than double what one might expect in an official appraisal, but we do not claim to know the values of everything on site, nor is this an official appraisal, which can be used for legal purposes. 

  For clients in Ottawa, and the immediate area we do not charge for travel. For clients a considerable distance from Ottawa, we do charge $50/hr for travel, after the first half hour from the outskirts of Ottawa.


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 Often when you have numerous items that you are not sure about, you require assistance in determining their value. This generally  happens when dealing with estates, but it also occurs when selling/buying items at auction, yard sales etc. In such cases, we recommend that you go with our consultation service.  Basically this service involves going to your residence and examinining the pieces. If we feel that the pieces require or deserve an official appraisal, we can then proceed with that appraisal.  As is the case for an appraisal, a consultation is given in terms of either: "Market Value" or "Replacement Value". When dealing with certain items, i.e. artwork, often we cannot give you an accurate appraisal without doing research, in which case an official appraisal is better.
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 We can also advise you on the best way to sell your items. This task is generally performed after an valuation of the items has been done. Due to our experience we can then help you devise a plan on how you can maximize your return from your items.
 If you do not have the time to dispose of the items, we will be willing to contact the necessary people on your behalf.  
When dealing with more valuable pieces, often we are willing to do so at a minimal  charge to you, providing that we are authorized to negotiate with certain  auction houses on your behalf.     
  We do not have the facities to warehouse your items, nor do we buy.
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