We charge $110.00 Canadian per hour for our time for an in-home appraisal performed duiring our preferred hours of operation that being weekdays with starting times (9:30-3:00). Plus applicable taxes.

  We charge $135.00 Canadian per hour for appraisals performed at all other start times during the week, such as late afternoon and evening. Plus applicable taxes.

   We do not like doing appraisals on weekends but upon special requerst we will consider it (assuming that we are available) and will charge a higher rate of $150/hr. Plus applicable taxes. Note: Currently as a small business there are no taxes added. This may change without notice.

  These prices includes both time spent on location, plus the time spent doing the necessary research, as well as putting the appraisal together.   

 Understandably, the exact cost on a per item basis does vary, depending upon the item. Even so, we move as fast as humanly possible, because we are on your clock. 

 In general, if we are appraising numerous items (i.e. fifty) the approximate costs breaks down to be five to ten items per hour. If you have seven to twelve items expect to be charged about 2 hours (more or less). If you only have a few items (i.e. one through three) you will be charged an hour minimum, in which case you may prefer to choose our "on-line evaluation service".  Please note, sets (i.e. living room set of furniture, or set of silver flatware) although listed as a solitary item, do often take longer.

 The reason for the descrepancy on a per item basis is that we are fairly rigid on the first couple of hours, in how we charge. After which, the more time spent the less rigid we become, which is to say, if you get billed for 10 hours, then in all liklihood we would have spend around 14 hours. Never forget the actual time spend on each item does vary, and in general the more valuable an item is believed to be, the more time we will spend researching that item. Conversely, common items are often simply rhymed off without the requirement of any research.

 Most importantly, we never overcharge, and if anything we undercharge, in order to protect you the client.

 For clients in Ottawa, and the immediate area, we do not charge for travel. For clients a considerable distance from Ottawa, we do charge $50/hr for travel, after the first half hour from the outskirts of Ottawa.




 Expected Costs for an Appraisal
 Expected Costs for an Appraisal
Inuit grey soapstone carving Goose. Provenance Fort George, Quebec.
$875 2007 replace
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